Goddesses, Priestesses, and Queens,
it’s time to Rise!

In Spirituality. In Business. In Life.

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You are here because you’re listening to the STIRRING IN YOUR SOUL calling you to more in your life, your business, and your spiritual journey!

You are here to be ACTIVATED in your spiritual gifts and abilities.

You are here to access the next levels of your POWER and SOVEREIGNTY.

You are here to HEAL THE HUSTLE.

You are here for ALIGNMENT in your life, relationships, and business.

You are here because you have been called to ASCEND and EMBODY!
Welcome dear friend, I am your Spiritual Guide and Soul Activator Echo and I’ve been guided to meet you on your journey, exactly where you are.
The programs below have been designed to support you as you grow, ascend, and embody!
You are a powerful unique SOUL and your movement is UP!
As a woman called to rise towards greater abundance, clarity, ease, alignment, and grace in her life, The Soul Up Movement provides a welcoming and sacred community for your expansion!
Within Soul Up, you will gain instant access to all of my paid programs and masterclasses. You’ll receive invitations to my weekly lives, monthly masterclasses, supportive meditations, and an active community of sacred sisters ready to welcome you where you are on your journey,
and so so so much more!
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I see you!

It is time for you to rise even higher in your journey and you are ready for
continuous mentorship for your mind, body, soul, and business alignment!

As a self-led woman who is ready to create a greater impact with your mission in this lifetime, it is time for you to access new dimensions in your spiritual ascent journey. I am here to hold you, all sides of you, your successes, and your struggles.

You have been craving a sacred sisterhood and community where you can be witnessed in all of your power and all of your vulnerability, and we are here waiting for you!

Ascend, The Mastermind where the Priestesses, the Goddesses, and the Queens go to RISE UP together!

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Superpower Activations

Your superpowers are within you and you are ready to activate them!

In this intimate hour-long 1:1 session we will unlock and activate new codes of magic for your life, relationship, and/or business. Our session will be followed by three days of Voxer support to assist in the integration process.

This is the individualized support you have been seeking!

This is your personal power hour of pure magic!

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 The Embodiment    

Ready for the intimacy and closeness of a one-on-one mentoring relationship with your own personal spiritual guide and intuitive soul activator?

Here is your opportunity to work directly with me and have complete access to all my teachings, programs, communities, masterclasses, and more!

Space is extremely limited and by application only. Together we will determine if this is the most energetically-aligned path for your journey!

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The Metamorphosis

This is your ALL IN, year-long transformation opportunity!

Journey with me as we explore the depths of your soul while navigating the ascension and leaps you’re ready to make in your life and in your business.

Here is your opportunity to work directly with me for the next year and have complete access to all my teachings, programs, communities, masterclasses, and more!

Space is purposely limited and by application only. Together we will determine if this is the most energetically-aligned path for your journey!

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Hello, welcome, and YES, Echo Summer is really my birth name ;) Probably my most-asked question and something I know you’ve been thinking about!
I am a Spiritual Guide and Soul Activator here to guide, lead, and teach self-led women how to nurture a deeper connection to soul and to source. I am the bridge between the spiritual realm and the tangible impact you will create here in this lifetime!
In 2019, I founded the massively impactful Spiritual Ascension Vortex and All-Female Activation Community, The Soul Up Movement. Here is where I lead women back home to their power and sovereignty through fostering alignment of body, mind, and soul throughout their spiritual awakening journey.
As an intuitive business mentor and spiritual guide, I show up for women who desire to heal the hustle and create an aligned empire and legacy.

Together we:
*Focus on embodiment
*Reprogram old money wounds by kicking scarcity to the curb
*Activate your psychic and spiritual gifts
*Create harmony between divine feminine energy
and divine masculine structure
*Design a life open to receiving abundance
*And so much more!

With over 12 years in the coaching industry and entrepreneurial world, I’ve learned that it’s in the deep, emotional, intelligent soul and energetic work that we create the solid foundation of sustainable success.
It is my life’s work to inspire and activate women of the world so they can reclaim and access more of their power and sovereignty, making anything and everything, possible!
Let's Journey Together

What clients are saying...

"Like how calm my central nervous system is. I don't get like worked up anymore about things and that’s HUGE. And the whole detachment thing. Letting go and trusting it’s going to be perfect and in divine timing."

Jessica D. 

Working with Echo and being a member of Soul Up has inspired me in so many ways. It has given me new meaning and helped me to find my own mission - to take all that I've learned and pour in to the very community where I once burned out - the healthcare community.

Jenna C.

"Right away it became very clear how important it was for me to really learn more about the energy of my business. I had a lot of little energy leaks to clean up. Echo really helped me clean up that energy, to stop tolerating things out of alignment, to strengthen my boundaries, and how all of this was impacting my nervous system. She taught me more great tools which really started to help my system calm down in a way I hadn't felt for a while."

Amber R. 

Let's Journey Together
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