Intimate, direct, supremely impactful…nothing short of magical!

Apply For Private 1:1 Mentorship: The Becoming

If you need a karmic jumpstart NOW to reach your achievements, this is the ticket!

Welcome to your complete access point to all my teachings, programs, communities, and to me, personally.

Witness yourself evolve and how your life elevates through intimate mentorship over the next three or six months!

These extremely limited spaces for mentorship purposely give us a short window of time, linked arm in arm, to clear the roadblocks standing in the way of your expansion and growth.  

If you need a karmic jumpstart NOW to reach your achievements, this is the ticket!

During our time together we will share up to three 1:1 calls each month and maintain continuous contact via Voxer. 

Apply For Private 1:1 Mentorship: The Becoming

As a divinely guided soul in your 1:1 The Becoming Mentorship


You will receive a year-long membership to The Soul Up Movement. This membership will allow you to build on the work we advance together.  You’ll also receive access to the Ascend Mastermind, a sacred sisterhood of soul-guided energetic superstars, to help you anchor in your commitment to massive impact! Additionally, you will gain access to ALL programs, training, channelings, and mastery sessions during our time together!  

Apply For Private 1:1 Mentorship: The Becoming

Given the intimately involved and dedicated commitment of this package, spaces are purposely limited and by application only

Together we will determine if this is the most energetically-aligned path for your journey! 

Included in your 1:1 Mentorship:

The Becoming 


Personal Spiritual Guide and Soul Activator Guidance ($5,555/month Value) 

Annual Membership in The Soul Up Movement Community ($333/month Value) 

Access to Ascend, The Mastermind  ($2,222/month Value) 

Unrestricted Access to all Programs/Masterclasses ($1,000/month Value) 

Total value: $9,110 monthly...This experience is being offered to you for ONLY $4,444 per month


The Complete 1:1 The Becoming Private Mentorship is offered to you today for an energetic exchange of ONLY $4,444 per month.

I Am Ready To Apply To The Becoming 1:1 Private Mentorship

As this is a commitment to you, your ascension path, and your soul's mission, The Becoming 1:1 Private Mentorship is presented with two container options.

With any enrollment option, you receive all the magic listed above!

3 and 6-month options are available. Payment in full (PIF) offers an instant discount!

Option #1: 3-Month Container - $4,444/per month or $11,000 PIF

Option #2: 6-Month Container - $4,444/per month or $22,000 PIF 

3 Month Container


$11,00 Paid In Full


6 Month Container


$22,000 Paid In Full


Are you looking for the intimacy and closeness of a one-on-one mentoring relationship with your own personal spiritual guide and intuitive soul activator

Apply For Private 1:1 Mentorship: The Becoming

Meet Echo 

Hello, welcome, and YES, Echo Summer Hill is really my name ;) This is probably my most-asked question and something I know you’ve been thinking to ask!

I am a spiritual guide and soul activator here to guide, lead, and teach self-led women how to nurture a deeper connection to soul and to source. I am the bridge between the spiritual realm and the tangible impact you will create here in this lifetime! 

As an intuitive business mentor and spiritual guide, I show up for women who desire to heal the hustle and create an aligned empire and legacy. Together we:

*Focus on embodiment 

*Heal the Hustle

*Reprogram old money wounds by kicking scarcity to the curb

*Activate your psychic and spiritual gifts

*Create harmony between divine feminine energy and divine masculine structure 

*Design a life open to receiving abundance

*And so much more! 

With over 12 years in the coaching industry and entrepreneurial world, I’ve learned that it’s in the deep, emotional, intelligent soul and energetic work that we create the solid foundation of sustainable success. 

It is my life’s work to inspire and activate women of the world so they can reclaim and access more of their power and sovereignty, making anything and everything, possible!

Apply For Private 1:1 Mentorship: The Becoming

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