Welcome to a Mastermind Unlike Any Other!

I Am Called To Ascend - Apply Today!

Dear one, we have not been designed to ASCEND alone!

If you are here, chances are you have been called <3 

You are ready to deepen your soul’s purpose, clarify your awareness of self in your spiritual journey, and create a legacy designed for massive impact in this lifetime!  

I am here to support you in life, relationships, and business ascension. Nothing is off the table in this mastermind.

Being an Ascendent means you are ready to rise up into more power and create a greater impact with your mission!

You are ready to step into a new way of being and you are ready to shine brightly for the world to see in new ways you’ve yet to showcase!

It is time for The Priestesses, The Goddesses, and The Queens to 


I Am Ready To Ascend - Apply Today
As an Ascendent in our Ascend, The Mastermind Vortex you will receive:  

*Continuous mentorship for your mind, body, soul, and business alignment 

*Personalized alchemical healings and light activations

*Sacred sisterhood where all minds come together as one

*A safe and supportive space to show up authentically in all ways

*Access to ancient codes of wisdom and knowledge from the angelic realm

*Live channellings and intuitive readings 

*The ability to access new dimensions in your spiritual ascension journey

*Invitations to bi-weekly live virtual group meetings led by Echo

*Access to a rolling group Voxer with your sister Ascendants and Echo

*Two private 1:1 calls with Echo ($1,111 Value)

*One year of Soul Up membership ($333/ per month Value)

*Access to all paid programs and masterclasses running during your membership

*An Ascend notebook

I Am Ready to Ascend - Apply Today

As this is a commitment to you, your ascension path, and your soul's mission, Ascend, The Mastermind is presented with two container options.

With any enrollment option, you receive all the magic listed above!

4 and 12-month options are available. Payment in full (PIF) offers an instant discount!

Option #1: 4-Month Container - $2,222/per month or $8,000 PIF

Option #2: 12-Month Container - $2,222/per month or $22,000 PIF 

Those enrolled in the 12-Month Container will receive a “We Are The Ascendents” T-Shirt with their enrollment.

4 Month Container

$2,222 per month

$8,000 Paid In Full


12 Month Container

$2,222 per month

$22,000 Paid In Full

AscendThe Mastermind is a highly individualized, supportive, and spiritually infused community. Only a limited number of spaces are made available each year and while all applicants are considered it is highly recommended to apply as soon as you feel guided! 
I Am Ready To Ascend - Apply Today

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